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Summer freshness and autumn warmth.
Lake feeling and mountain love.
Time out and high time.

The villa gives time - time within its venerable walls around 1860.
It is timeless at the moment and therefore valuable for the holiday season.
Moments in a timeless sense of living
Summer freshness and autumn warmth
A vacation at Villa Schwertfuehrer in Velden at the Wörthersee
Our Villa Schwertführer is a villa from the Wilheminian style, built in 1860. We, Angelika and Martin, have now renovated it in all its glory. Sustainable, healthy and caring construction are a matter of course.

Around our villa there is a lot to see, or not, on Lake Wörthersee with all its splendour. Here you will find many invitations to do something, or not - maybe just enjoy for once.
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