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Recreation, relaxation & adventure
The Wörthersee
With its deep blue water, surrounded by the Alps, and its rich cultural history, Lake Wörthersee is probably one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. 

With a water temperature of up to 27 degrees, it offers pure relaxation as well as action for young and old.
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  Be sporty
Hiking, biking, 
Golf & Tennis
In water
at the lake
Our tip
Drauwelle Zikkurat
The "Zikkurat" Drauwelle consists of material from storage space dredging carried out by VERBUND for reasons of flood safety. It was designed as a land art project by Edmund Hoke, Tomas Hoke and Armin Guerino. Biotope structures were created in the adjacent water zones, which offer valuable habitats to a large number of fish, birds and amphibians.

The water experience area with the exciting name "Zikkurat" - originally a tower-like temple building from Sumerian architecture - invites you to linger with seating, a barbecue area and a panoramic information board.

Tip: Climb the "Zikkurat" Drauwelle and take a look into the "summit puddle": It is fed with fresh water by a windmill on the banks of the reservoir and serves as a natural mirror for the majestic Karawanken.
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Wörthese Plus Card
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Advantage card for all guests
Wörthersee Plus Card & beach card
The Wörthersee Plus Card is a great way for guests to experience the best in the region. With this card you get free entry to all attractions around Lake Wörthersee, free travel on public transport and discounts at local shops, restaurants and other activities.
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