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Villa Schwertführer

Our Villa Schwertführer is a villa from the Wilheminian style, built around 1860. We, Angelika and Martin, have now renovated it in all its glory. Sustainable, healthy and caring construction are a matter of course.

A glimpse into the past
Our Timeline
Dreimäderhaus 1925_2

They ran the house as a restaurant, inn and snack station.

Dreimäderlhaus 1925
On 23.04.1920, the brother of Dr. Dr. Karl Kleissl, named Friedrich Kleissl, and his wife Marie bought the house. They had three daughters, hence the name "Dreimäderlhaus".
Pension Dr. Kleissl Postkarte
On 28 April 1930 the house was sold to my grandfather Dr. Dr. Karl Kleissl.
Pension Dr. Kleissl 1930-1940
His wife Maria continued to run the house until her death in 1946.
My mother Gertrude Schwertführer (née Kleissl) continued to run the house as a "guest house" until her death in July 2018.
In September 2019, my son Sebastian and I took over the house and from then on carried out a total core renovation of the interior. 
For this renovation we preferred to local craftsmen and also to sustainable building materials and technologies in order to preserve the substance of the building to the best possible.
Since the renovation also took into account the special requirements, it has not yet been completed in its entirety.
Dreimäderhaus 70ger

From 1993 the conversion to holiday flats began. 

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